Adopt-A-Room: Be a part of Bridges’ next chapter

Adopt-A-Room: Be a part of Bridges’ next chapter

This fall Bridges will move to our new space at 28 Concord Street in Nashua. Renovations are underway to create a warm and welcoming office that includes child-friendly space, comfortable counseling rooms, computer areas for survivors, and ample room for support groups.

Adopt one of the new rooms or exterior spaces and help us create a supportive place for survivors in southern New Hampshire.

To thank you for your support we will hang a plaque/signage with your name and/or company name.

Children’s Room $4,300

Create a friendly place for a child to play while their mom works with an advocate. This space features a glass partition so that the parent and child can see each other, but the child won’t hear any of the conversation.

Conference Center $25,000 SOLD

The Carriage House was originally built as a two-story, two-car garage and will become Bridges’ conference center. The renovated space will feature a kitchen, bathroom, and conference room with a configurable setup and updated technology. The space will be used for volunteer trainings, to host meetings and support groups, and to broadcast education sessions. The second floor will be used to store household and personal care items donated for client use.

Counseling Rooms (3) $3,000 each

Each of the three new counseling rooms are designed to help survivors to feel at ease and to accommodate a wide range of needs of our diverse clients.

Fence & Landscaping $6,000

Create Bridges’ curb appeal with a new fence and landscaping! These are the first things a survivor sees before entering the Bridges office and helps to keep the neighborhood beautiful.

Sign $10,000 SOLD

Help people find our new office with a custom outdoor sign.