Build Hope with Bridges

Build Hope with Bridges

Build Hope for Victims and Survivors with Our $125,000 Dollar for Dollar Match

I am an ER doctor in the COVID pandemic.

Amidst the stress and uncertainty we all face, it is easy to become fearful and overwhelmed. These days I find the most powerful gestures are small ones.

Like the outpouring of generosity from community members dropping off everything from pizzas to homemade face masks to N95s at the hospital where I work. Like the multiple friends and family members who have reached out to me with encouragement. I am humbled and grateful for each small act of kindness and the gift of hope it represents. It tells me I am not alone.

My good fortune reminds me others are not so lucky.

The social isolation – essential for combating COVID – places our most vulnerable community members at even greater risk. For victims of domestic violence, some of whom are children possibly witnessing abuse for the first time, key routes of support and escape may now be off limits.

Send a message of hope with Bridges’ $125,000 dollar for dollar match.

Bridges advocates have been on the front lines building hopeful futures with victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence for over forty years. They break the isolation of abuse. In today’s climate, their services are a critical lifeline more than ever before.

Today I invite you to share an act of kindness and make a small gesture of your own. Thanks to the generosity of two anonymous donors, the power of the match means your dollars will go even further sending a message of hope to victims and the advocates who serve them.

Take it from me. When unprecedented stress is met with generosity, the smallest gesture can make an enormous difference.

Liz Karagosian, MD
Bridges Board Member