The Rosebush Endowment Fund

In October 2012, Bridges embarked on a campaign to build an endowment fund of $500,000. As you may know, nonprofit agencies have received significant funding cuts over the past three years. The Rosebush Endowment Fund was created as a part of Bridges sustainability plan. The Rosebush women, Jennifer, Karen and Lisa, live locally and this fund is named after their mother Theresa Rosebush, a woman who experienced violence in her life but in the end broke the cycle of violence. The Rosebush Women helped Bridges to develop this fund so that our community can be a safer place to live, work, and raise our children. We hope that after reading more about the Rosebush Fund, you will donate and help us to reach our goal of sustainable funding.

We cannot over-emphasize how important your contribution is to Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support. The funds that you donate will be kept in The Rosebush Endowment Fund, with the growth providing ongoing funding for a sustainable Milford office and beyond.

This fund represents hope, love and proof that violence can end.

Learn more about The Rosebush Endowment Fund here.