Sexual assault web links and book resources


Sexual Assault: Will I Ever Feel Okay Again?

Kay Scott. Bethany House Publishers, 1993.
One woman’s personal journey to wholeness after being sexually assaulted and a personal guide for other victims, family, and friends.

Recovering From Rape

Linda E. Ledray. Owl Books, 1986.
Practical advice for the survivors of sexual assault and their families, lovers, and friends on overcoming the trauma and coping with police, hospitals, and the courts. This book discusses laws, advances in DNA testing, health issues, and a resource list.

Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery

Patricia Weaver Francisco. Harper Perennial, 1999.
The author’s memoir of her sexual assault with a specific focus on the idea of rape being unspeakable, and why it is necessary for women to tell their stories and give voice to their trauma.

After Silence: Rape & My Journey Back

Nancy Venable Raine. Three Rivers Press, 1998.
The author’s candid account of her personal trauma coupled with a literary discussion of rape and society’s shifting cultural consciousness toward rape.

Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self

Susan J. Brison. Princeton University Press, 2002.
A personal narrative of the author’s recovery from rape and a philosophical exploration of trauma, this book examines the undoing and remaking of a self in the aftermath of violence.

I Never Called it Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape

Robin Warshaw. Harper Perennial, 1988.
The author combines survey results and scholarly perspectives with first-person accounts to explain what date rape is, how it happens, the magnitude of the problem, attitudes of men who rape women they know, the devastating aftereffects, and programs for change and healing.

Rape on Prime Time: Television, Masculinity, and Sexual Violence

Lisa M. Cuklanz. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000.
A book that examines the changing depictions of rape on television and provides insight into the social construction of rape in mainstream mass media since the inception of rape law reform in 1974.

Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence: Does She Call It Rape?

Lori B. Girshick. Northeastern University Press, 2002.
An exposure to the hidden realities of woman-to-woman sexual violence that gives voice to the survivors, this book explores the experiences and reflections of seventy women. This book also recommends how service providers can improve their outreach, advocacy, and treatment to/of survivors.

Quest For Respect: A Healing Guide for Survivors of Rape

Linda Braswell. Pathfinder Publishing, 1989.
This book affirms victims and survivors of rape and incest while supporting them in building a more confident future. This book also serves to educate families, friends, counselors, law enforcement, and crisis centers about understanding the needs of sexual assault survivors.

Against Rape: A Survival Manual for Women

Andrea Medea and Kathleen Thompson. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1974.
A discussion about how rape affects women’s daily lives, this book provides a guide for women who have experienced sexual assault. Topics include coping with the legal system, how to recognize dangerous situations and increase personal safety, how to train for self-defense, and how to deal with trauma.

The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Wendy Maltz. Harper Collins, 1991.
Help for survivors of sexual abuse to improve their relationships and discover the joys of sexual intimacy. This book provides a step-by-step recovery process with specific exercises designed to develop a healthy sexual self-concept, identify the sexual effects of sexual abuse, and resolve specific problems.

Rebuilding the Garden: Healing the Spiritual Wounds of Childhood Sexual Assault

Karla McLaren. Laughing Tree Press, 1997.
This book addresses the sexual, psychological, and spiritual wounds of childhood sexual assault by incorporating intuitive healing techniques.

Men Surviving Incest: A Male Survivor Shares the Process of Recovery

T. Thomas. Launch Press, 1989.
A male survivor describes his experience with child sexual abuse including the isolation and stigmatization male survivors feel and the fear and conflict of disclosure.